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CMO #469

25 May 2018

#95 Issue of the Third Series

The Third Series Here

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OAA Mars Section Reports

2009/2010 OAA Mars Section
(see from CMO #357 to #374 and #375, #376)

2007/2008 OAA Mars Section
(see from CMO #330 to #348)

2005 OAA Mars Section
(see from CMO #300 to #326)

2003 OAA Mars Section

2001 OAA Mars Section

1999 OAA Mars Section

1997 OAA Mars Section



Observation Notes

2009/10 Mars CMO Note
(see from CMO #373 & #374, #375 to #389)

2007/08 Mars CMO Note
(see from CMO #347 to #360)

2005 Mars CMO Note
(see from CMO #318 to #332)

2003 Mars CMO Note

2001 Mars CMO Note

 1998/99CMO Note
1996/97Mars Sketch
1994/95 Mars Note



Some of CMO Meetings

The 12th CMO Meeting on 4 - 5 May 2004 at Anamidzu

The 11th CMO Meeting on 2 - 5 May 2003 at Fukui

The 10th CMO Meeting on 2 -5 August 2002
at Ina

The 9th CMO Meeting on 20 -22 Oct 2001
in Okinawa

The 8th CMO Meeting on 15-17 Sept 2000 in Yokohama



Letters to the Editor

#200 (25 February 1998) ~ #289 (25 March 2004)


CMO Clicks

CMO Members
(further under construction)


Communications in Mars Observations
is an international journal on
the global Mars observations
published monthly or semi-monthly by
the International Society of the Mars Observers (ISMO).

The CMO reports promptly world-wide observations of Mars sent to the ISMO in each season. The accumulated data are analysed in the coming off-season.

The CMO was first published by the OAA Mars Section on 25 January 1986, and hence we celebrated the 10th and 20th Anniversaries of the CMO at the beginning of 1996 in No 171 and in 2006 in No 315 respectively. However from August 2010, the CMO has become a Bulletin of the ISMO, and the CMO belongs now to the third series.



 Members of the ISMO Advisory Board:

Tadashi ASADA (As)

Reiichi KONNAÏ (Kn)

Masatsugu MINAMI(Mn)

Donald PARKER (DPk)

Christophe PELLIER (CPl)

William SHEEHAN (WSh)



The CMO Web-Site is edited and maintained by

Tadashi ASADA (As) (Jan 1986~May 1991, Oct 2008~)
Masatsugu MINAMI (Mn)
(Jan 1986~Jan 2019),
Masami MURAKAMI (Mk) (May 1996~),
Takashi NAKAJIMA (Nj) (Jan 1986~),
Akinori NISHITA (Ns) (Mar 1992~)
Hitomi TSUNEMACHI (Ts) (Apr 2001~Sept 2008)



Any interested person is invited to send emails
 to Masami MURAKAMI


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