2 0 0 9 P a r i s / M e u d o n

IWCMO Conference



Barry ADCOCK: Nineteenth Century Observations of Mars with the Great Melbourne Telescope

ノ. CHASSEFIネRE: Latest Results on Studies of Mars Atmosphere by Space Missions (in preparation) 


Audouin DOLLFUS: Search for Life on Mars at Pic du Midi and Meudon Observatories


Audouin DOLLFUS: The First Pic du Midi Photographs of Mars in 1909


Maria LANE: Geographies of Mars


St駱hane LECOMTE: About Some French Martian Observers


Richard McKIM: E.-M. ANTONIADI, 1870~1944


Richard McKIM: Telescopic Dust Storms on Mars: A Comparison of the 1909-1911 Period with 2001-2003 (in preparation)


Masatsugu MINAMI: A Few Propositions on Some Martian Phenomena


Masatsugu MINAMI: A History of the Mars Observations in Japan


Greg MORT: Mars in Real Time


Christophe PELLIER: A Review of the Last Martian Dust Storms


William SHEEHAN: A Pretty Picture, Signor Schiaparelli, but You Mustn't Call It Mars!


Paolo TANGA: The South Polar Cap in 2003 from High Resolution Remote Imaging: A Comparison to Mars Express Imagery



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