2006 Mars Images 0104   4 January 2006 (λ=351°~352°Ls)
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PARKER, Donald C & KHAN, Tim
4 January 2006 (λ=351°Ls, ι=34°)
00:19 GMT (ω=349°W, φ=19°S)
41cm spec, @ f/36
Lumenera 075M
Coral Gables, FL. USA

4 January 2006 (λ=351°Ls, ι=34°)
00:55 GMT (ω=357°W, φ=19°S)
40cm Spec, @ f /48
ToUcam 740
nr Greenwood, SC, USA

PELLIER, Christophe
4 January 2006 (λ=351°Ls, ι=34°)
18:11~20:14 GMT (ω=251°, 259°, 280°W, φ=19°S)
21cm Mewlon, @ f /65
Lumenera LU075M
nr Paris, FRANCE

4 January 2006 (λ=351°Ls, ι=34°)
18:25~19:00 GMT (ω=253°, 258°W, φ=19°S)
15cm refractor,   248×
  SPC: not seen but on a brighter area with a dark collar.
  NPH: a white dot circled with a dark collar and bright white haze east and west of the dot (W11, W56) all filters.
  Hellas area: bright.
  Mainly: atmospheric activity at the sun rise limb (Syrtis Major of low contrast and undefined contour).
  Bright area south of Mare Cimmerium (Elysium?) with W80A.
  Eridania bright (W11, W56, W80A).
  Lybia bright (W11, W56, W80A).

  Seeing conditions were good and features rather seen contrasted during calm times.
On calm times main features (Mare) were not continuous but with lot of dark "leopard" stains/ dots on a clearer feature.
H loc = UT + 1H.
  All drawings are done with a 90° mirror diagonal and 152mm refractor.

Ecquevilly, France

PEACH, Damian
4 January 2006 (λ=351°Ls, ι=34°)
18:28~19:20 GMT (ω=264°, 267°W, φ=19°S)
35cm SCT, @ f /40
Lumenera Lu075M
Loudwater, Buckinghamshire, UK

TYLER, David
4 January 2006 (λ=351°Ls, ι=34°)
19:13 GMT (ω=265°W, φ=19°S)
36cm SCT, @ f/60
Lumenera 075 camera
Trutek filters
Flackwell Heath, Bkh, UK

4 January 2006 (λ=351°Ls, ι=34°)
19:30~19:48 GMT (ω=271°W, φ=19°S)
25cm Dall-Kirkham Cass @ f /40
modified mono ToUcam
Astronomik IR 807nm
Trutek type1(Red), type2 (Blue)
Stag Lane Observatory, Edgware,UK

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