LtE in CMO #262


. . . . . . . . . . Thank you for the message re the contact details for Mr Damian Peach.


Unfortunately, both Jupiter & Saturn have been too low in the North for me to see them - imaging them would have been near impossible. I'll have to wait a while until they start to move south again.


As you have possibly guessed, my observing season for 2001 Mars ended very abruptly in late November of last year when both the weather and some nearby trees conspired to put an end to my efforts. Since then I have started organising for a new telescope to cover Mars 2003, which I am looking forward to, given it's favourable placement in our Southern skies.

 Best regards   

           (10 July 2002 email)

 Maurice VALIMBERTI (Viewbank, Victoria, Australia)

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