Communications in Mars Observations

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--- 25 July 2002---


From #262, we cite 5 articles

  CMO No 262 contains:

0.          No more active  CMO 2001 Mars Report. The final report (#24) was in #261.

1.          2001 Mars CMO Note (8) is the second of the series on the observations of the north polar hood during the dust cloudy period in 2001, and treats the nph in mid to late July 2001. In 1973 (and 1977), it was reported that the nph vanished due to a rise of the temperature around 20 days after the onset of the major storm. In 2001 however the nph was quite active around the time. The article details the observations of the nph from 7 July to the end of July.

2.          Letters to the Editor records a number of emails or letters received during the one-month period from 25 June to 24 July 2002. Tom DOBBINS mentions P LOWELL and W PICKERING. Ed GRAFTON痴 corner leads to his recent images of Uranus and its moons.

3.          Ten Years Ago (#83) was written by Toshiaki HIKI (in Japanese) reviewing CMO #119 published on 25 July 1992; in which a haze over M Cimmerium at the beginning of December 1990 (345~350Ls) was reviewed based on the observations of AKUTSU, MIYAZAKI, NAKAJIMA, IWASAKI, ISHADOH and MINAMI.

4.          A Visit to the Antares Institute #21 written by Hitomi TSUNEMACHI (in Japanese) is an essay on a holly impression about the Okinawa Islands where she visited last summer.

5.          Seasonal Essay (2) by Masami MURAKAMI is about his impression of the surroundings of the new place to which he and his family moved.


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