Movie 1 (ようこう/宇宙研): Soft X-ray images of solar corona observed with soft X-ray telescope aboard Yohkoh (ISAS)

Movie 2 (飛騨天文台): Moreton wave (MHD fast mode shock) observed with Flare Monitor Telescope at Hida Observatory, Kyoto University

Movie 3 (SOHO/NASA): White light images of outer solar corona observed with SOHO/LASCO

Movie 4 (HST/NASA): Waves in Crab Nebula wind observed with HST

Movie 5 (横山央明): 2D MHD numerical simulations of magnetic reconnection occurring between emerging flux and overlying coronal field (Yokoyama and Shibata 1995, Nature 375, 42). The case of oblique coronal magnetic field, as a model of X-ray jet. These figures show the density distribution, velocity vectors, and magnetic field lines.

Movie 6 (横山央明): The same as in Movie 5 but for temperature (Yokoyama and Shibata 1995, Nature 375, 42).

Movie 7 (工藤哲洋): 2D MHD simulations of magnetically driven jets ejected from a thin accretion disk (Kudoh et al. 2000, in preparation).

Movie 8 (林満): 2D MHD simulations of protostellar flares (Hayashi et al. 1996, ApJ 468, L37).

Movie 9 (林満): The same as in Movie 8 but for 3D plot of magnetic field configuration (Hayashi et al. 1996, ApJ 468, L37.

Movie 10 (田沼俊一): 2D MHD simulations of galactic flares (reconnection) triggered by supernova shock (Tanuma et al. 1999, PASJ 51, 161).