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The Solar-B satellite will be launched next year by ISAS/JAXA as an international collaboration project with USA (NASA), UK (PPARC), and ESA. The main purpose of Solar-B is to clarify the coronal heating mechanism and basic magnetohydrodynamic processes occurring in the solar atmosphere such as magnetic reconnection. For this purpose, Solar-B will carry three instruments, 1) SOT (solar optical telescope), enabling the first space observations of vector magnetic field of the Sun at unprecedentedly high spatial and temporal resolution, 2) XRT (X-ray telescope), which observes the full Sun soft X-ray images at the highest spatial resolution in the soft X-ray wavelength range, and 3) EIS (EUV imaging spectrometer), which gives us Doppler velocity data for coronal plasma flows at the highest spatial resolution. We are now about one year before the launch and it is therefore timely to discuss basic scientific objectives, possible observing proposals and programs of the Solar-B mission.

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November is the highest time for tourists to visit Kyoto during the year. It will be difficult to reserve a hotel not only just prior to the meeting but also even now. So we searched for hotels still available in November and have made block reservations of rooms at some hotels which are located within 30-40 min from the meeting place, as indicated in the 2nd circular. Those who have not yet reserved hotel are encouraged to send the hotel reservation form in the 2nd circular to the LOC. Please remember to take a copy of your passport when you check-in to the hotel. We emphasize that the hotel reservation is on a first-come-first-served basis. The hotel location map appear on the following. For details, please read the 2nd circular.


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The proceedings of this meeting will be published from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific as the ASP Conference Series.

The page limits are: The authors are requested to submit the manuscript by the end of January 2006. An internal review process will be carried out.

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