The CAWSES workshop
Comparative Study of Solar Flares and Magnetospheric Substorms
as a Basis of Space Weather Research

March 18-20, 2007
Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge
(Fairbanks, Alaska)


  1. Comparison of physical processes for solar flares and magnetospheric substorms
  2. What is the role of reconnection in flares/CMEs and substorms?
  3. Fundamental processes in solar, interplanetary and magnetospheric storms such as flares, CMEs/ICMEs, SEPs, substorms, aurora, etc.
  4. Extreme space weather events that occurred in recent years


S. Akasofu, B. Tsurutani, K. Shibata

Science Organizing Commitee

S. Akasofu, T. Forbes, M. Fujimoto, H. Hudson, T. Kikuchi, J. Kozyra, K. Kusano, T. Ogino, M. Oka (secretary), B. Schmieder, K. Shibata, B. Tsurutani, H. Wang

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The workshop is supported by the Grant-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Research "The Basic Study of Space Weather Prediction" (17GS0208, Head Investigator: K. Shibata) from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, Technology, and Culture of Japan.

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