96/97 report 022

1996/97 Mars Observation Reports -- # 022--


- Monthly Report published in CMO #200 -

25 February 1998

- - - by Masatsugu MINAMI, Director of the OAA Mars Section ---

WE FURTHER RECEIVED, from MIYAZAKI (My) at Okinawa his work on Mars in 1997: The TriColour images look attractive (as shown in this Site). We hear however that he shot Mars no more than three nights the present season.

  MIYAZAKI, Isao (My)  Gushikawa-City, Okinawa, Japan
    4 CCD Images  (14 Mar; 7, 12 Apr)  f/?  40cm speculum  Lynxx PC

The image on 14 Mar (090°Ls) at ω=201°W is made of an Int image, where Elysium is light and Cerberus is faintly seen. Propontis I and the Atheria dark patch as well as the morning N Alcyonius are very evident. Rima Borealis is visible on the outside of the npc near the CM. The apparent diameter was 14.1 arcsecs.

On 7 Apr (101°Ls) at ω=006 degsW, My composed a TriColour image by R60 for 1.4s, PO1 (Green) for 2.8s, and B390+NR400 for 10.0s:
The morning and the evening whitish mist are clearly evident and the equatorial band mist (ebm: cf another column in this issue) is seen. Hellas is apparent near the evening limb of the Int image (0.7s exposure). The npc is smaller in the Int.

Miyazaki took these photos
on 12 April 1997 (103°Ls)
11h47m33s-48m50s (GMT) ω=280°W (left)
14h24m32s-26m11s (GMT) ω=318°W (right)
App. Diam. δ=13.2", Phase angle ι=20°

Instrunment: 404mm refl., Lynxx PC,
Filters: R60, PO1, B390, NR400
Exp. : R:1.40sec, G:2.80sec, B:10.00sec.

On 12 Apr, My took twice at ω=280°W and at ω=318°W: In the former the ebm is evident and Elysium is very bright. Syrtis Mj is well mapped in shape and in density and seen misted. Hellas whitish-bright slightly bluish. All details are satisfactory. Rima Borealis was well detached from the npc. The B image is good though the longer wave is slightly leaked (B390+NR400 with which My is not satisfied). Hellas and Elysium very bright in B while the emb fainter. The one at ω=318°W shows already S Meridiani and a main part of M Acidalium. Chryse to Tymiamata is morning misty. The defect of illumination is 20°. The colour of the desert is nicely reproduced and gives a very good impression. The emb is clearly seen.

Reports will be acknowledged if air-mailed to M MINAMI at Mikuni
(ask the mail-address through vzv03210@niftyserve.or.jp ) .

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