2003 Mars Images 0712 12 July 2003 (220゚Ls)
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Christophe PELLIER   ( ω=064゚~ 087゚W )
PELLIER made first use of a tilted Interference B Filter to kill the Green Ghost.
18cm Newtonian, ToUcam Pro (IR Block)
Bruz, Ille-et-Vilaine, FRANCE

Paolo BALDONI   ( ω=065゚W )
18cm Mak-Newton (f /6)
Philips ToUcam Pro, (IR cut)
Genova, ITALY

Paolo R LAZZAROTTI   ( ω=074゚W )
18cm Mak-Cass (f/15)
Astromeccanica KC381 Video CCD Camera
Massa, Tuscany, ITALY

Robert BUNGE   ( ω=159゚W )
43cm reflector, 260x, 480x
Bowie, MD, USA

Ed GRAFTON   ( ω=179゚W )
35cm SCT (C14), @ f /27
ST5 CCD Camera
Houston, TX, USA

Thomas E WILLIAMSON   ( ω=181゚, 195゚W )
20cm Newtonian, @ f /45
Philips ToUCam Pro PCVC740k (IR Block)
Albuquerque, NM, USA

Donald R BATES   ( ω=196゚W )
25cm Reflector (f /6.6), @ f /21
Philips PCVC740K (IR Block)
Houston, TX, USA

Eric NG   ( ω=299゚W )
32cm Newtonian @ f /37
ToUcam Pro (UV/IR Blocker)

Tetsuo WAKUGAWA   (ω=303゚~ 317゚W)
40cm Newtonian
Okinawa, JAPAN

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