LtE in CMO #258

From David M MOORE


@. . . . . . . Subject: Mars - February 23, 2002



Another belated image.  I was tiling my kitchen/laundry room/pantry over the past few days. (a little self indulgence boasting over my incredible home improvement talents!)

 A pretty good image in R and G.  The Blue image however was so poor, I chose not to use it. Instead I included a Mars Now image to simulate my Tri-Color image.  Oh well!


  (27 February 2002 email)


@. . . . . . . Subject: Re: RE:Mars - February 23, 2002




 Indeed, I am glad someone checked my work.  I have corrected the values and am resending the image.

 I use Jeff Beish's WIMP as my ephemeris.  I input my local time for the 23rd of February instead of UT time.  I make this mistake from time to time, though it is the first time in a long while.  The values I get however, are still 10 degrees off from Masami Murakami's.  I get 273 - 276 as a CM.

  The De, Ls, phase, and diameter all changed slightly as well.

 Thanks you for pointing out this grievous error!

                     (28 February 2002 email)

  Dave MOORE (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

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