LtE in CMO #258

From Donald C PARKER

@. . . . . . . Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 22:17:24 +0000

From: Donald Parker <>

To: "Damian Peach" <>


Subject: Re: Mars Images (March 1st, 2nd.)


Hi Damian,

 Excellent images! Your image from 1 March shows Solis Lacus "Eye of Mars" very nicely. In addition, the darkening in Daedalia-Claritas is prominent. It would appear that on both images that Aurorae Sinus is "doubled."  It has a very strange appearance. What do you think, Richard and Masatsugu?

BTW, the CM on 1 March at 17:44 UT is 90.0.



@. . . . . . .Here is a red-light Mars image from 12 March. The Daedalia-Claritas

darkening persists.


                      (14 March 2002 email)

Don PARKER (Miami, FL, USA )

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