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Hida Observatory,
School of Science, Kyoto University

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Latest H-alpha Full Disk Image (by Flare Monitor Telescope)
Recent Target Regions of Domeless Solar Telescope
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In 1929, the astronomers in faculty of science of Kyoto University built the first astronomical observatory at the summit of Mt.Kwasan, Kyoto-city. Kyoto city was, however, rapidly developed soon after, and the enviroment of the sky grew even worse because of light pollution. So, the plan of the new observatory was started from 1961 to seek the good place for the observation. Finally, in 1968, this observatory was built at Kamitakara-village, Gihu-pref. with gathering instruments which had been used at Kwasan Observatory and Mt.Ikoma Solar Observatory.
In 1972, the 65 cm refractor telescope (the largest refractor in the Asia) was also established. Moreover, in 1979, the Domeless Solar Telescope (DST) was completed, which is the multiple solar telescope with the highest ability in Japan.

Objects of this observatory are mainly the Sun, planets, and minor planets in the solar system.
The photograph (above) shows the whole view of Hida Observatory.

The tower on this side is the 60cm Domeless Solar Telescope.

This telescope is used for quite fine observations of the solar atmosphere with imaging and spectroscopy.
During two domes,
the dome of this side includes the 65cm refractor telescope,
and the another is instituted the 60cm reflector telescope.

We mainly observe planets, such as the Mars etc. with this refractor.
Moreover, in 1991, newly
the sextuple solar Flare Monitor Telescope (FMT)

was established and we monitor the whole of the solar surface and prominence everyday, except for rainy day.

Hida observatory is 1275 m above the sea, the total area is 182519 square meters.

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