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Mars/Lowell Conference


The First Conference on Percival LOWELL was successfully held at Anamidzu from 2 to 5 May 2004 under the joint auspices of the OAA, the Lowell Society of Japan, Toyama Yakumo Kai and Kanazawa Hoshi-no-Kai. Anamidzu is known as the farthest place Percival LOWELL reached in his trip to the Noto peninsula in 1889, and there we could reserve a conference room in a good milieu near the place Lowell landed (thanks to the Kanazawa Institute of Technology). As to a rough sketch of the Conference, see the Façade. We had a happy presence of William SHEEHAN at the Conference.


5) Report of the Conference (Japanese )

The version published in “The Heavens” October issue in 2004


4) Programme employed (English, Japanese)


3) Message from Tom DOBBINS (21 April 2004)


2) Message from David STRAUSS (12 April 2004)


1) First Announcement in January 2003 (Japanese only)

The Oriental Astronomical Association, Mars Section

Director: Dr Masatsugu MINAMI

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