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*** Welcome to my home page! ***
This is a page for my memorials of studying,
especially physics and the sun.

    I changed my career from a scientist to a URA (University Research Administrator) from April 2014.
    The web page of my current affiliation is here.

            * about me  Who am I?

            * photo&recent event  My daily life.

            *  My Works  Rapers, Presentations, Posters.

            *  WorkShop & Meeting  WorkShops and Meetings I attended.

            * Student Association: Kyoto Science Codex  Collaboration with the Science Cafe Galilaus Galilaei.

            * Collection of the Solar images  Beautiful pictures and movies of the Sun.

            *  Links to solar database  Useful links for solar data search

            *  IDL  study by reading the book "IDL Basics".

            *  Linux  Linux commands that I use often.

            *  tips  How to use printer,...and so on.

            *  Analysis of Sunspot  Analysis of Sunspot using data from Hinode, DST, TRACE, and so on.

            *  SMART & DST tohban  How to be on a SMART shift & a DST shift.

            *  DST Halpha & Ca spectra  My works on DST Halpha & Ca spectra.

            * school work C1  When I was a junior.

            *  school work S2  When I am a senior.

            * mail  If you want to inquire something of me.   attention! please change "atmark" to "@".

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