Program (ver 080930)

Oct 6 (Mon)

09:30-10:15 Registration and coffee
10:15-10:30 Opening remark (Shibata) and logistics (Isobe)

Session 1: From Interior to Surface (Chair: V. Archontis)  
10:30-11:15 Y. Fan (Review on flux tube dynamics in convection zone)
11:15-11:45 A. S. Brun (Poloidal vs Toroidal Magnetic Fields in the Sun)
11:45-12:15 L. Jouve (Flux tube rise in a spherically convective shell)

12:15-13:40 Lunch

13:40-14:10 M. Rempel (Energetics of the large scale solar dynamo)
14:10-14:40 E. Isik (Generation, emergence and transport of stellar magnetic flux)
14:40-15:10 A. Hood (On the rise and emergence of toroidal flux tubes)

15:10-15:30 Break

(Chair: S. Gibson) 
15:30-16:00 A. Title (Statistical properties of magnetic flux in active and quiet sun)
16:00-16:30 M. Cheung (Magnetofrictional modeling of interaction between emerging flux 
                                                and ambient coronal field)
16:30-16:50 E.-K. Lim (Chirality of Intermediate Filaments and Magnetic Helicity of Active Regions)
--- Short Break ---
17:00-17:30 T. J. Okamoto (Observation of helical flux emergence)
17:30- Discussion  (led by M. Linton)

Oct 7 (Tue)
Session 2: Convection and Sunspots (Chair: B. Schmieder)
09:00-09:40 K. Ichimoto (Hinode observations of sunspots)
09:40-10:10 K. Otsuji (Hinode obervations of emerging flux)
10:10-10:30 H. Watanabe (Observation of umbral dots)

10:30-10:50 Break

10:50-11:20 M. Rempel (3D radiative MHD simulations of Sunspot fine structure)
11:20-11:50 J. Martinez-Sykora (3D Magnetic flux emergence simulations from the convection zone to the corona)
11:50-12:20 R. Ishikawa (Observation of small scale horizontal fields)

12:20-13:40 Lunch

(Chair: T. Yokoyama)
13:40-14:10 H. Isobe (Small scale horizontal fields and coronal heating)
14:10-14:40 T. Magara (What do we learn from the flux emergence study based 
                                           on a comparison between simulations and observations? II) 
14:40-15:00 H. Jeong (Comparison of MHD Simulations of Flux Rope Emergence with Observations) 
15:00-15:30 Discussion (led by M. Cheung)

15:30-15:50 Break

Session 3: Flux Emergences in the Galaxy and Acretion Disks (Chair: A. S. Brun)
15:50-16:20 Y. Fukui (Magnetized molecular clouds in Galactic Center)
16:20-16:40 K. Torii (Neutral hydrogen and molecular clouds in the magnetic loops)
16:40-17:00 N. Kudo (Detailed of the study of the magnetic loops)

17:00-17:15 Break

17:15-17:45 R. Matsumoto (MHD simulation of accredion disks and Parker instability therein)
17:45- Discussion (led by K. Shibata)

Oct 8 (Wed)

Session 4 Chromosphere and Jets (Chair: W. Manchester)

09:00-09:45 K. Shibata (Jet, jet, and jet)
09:45-10:15 M. Murray (Emerging Flux and Coronal Hole Interactions on the Sun - Observations & Simulations)
10:15-10:45 E. Pariat (Modeling and STEREO observations of polar jet)

10:45-11:10 Break

11:10-11:40 V. Hansteen (Numerical flux emergence into a realistic chromosphere/corona)
11:40-12:10 M. Carlsson (TBD)

Lunch 12:10-13:30 

(Chair: Mark Cheung)
13:30-13:50 H. Watanabe (Observation of Ellerman bombs)
13:50-14:10 N. Nishizuka (Chromospheric jet associated with propagating Alfen wave  
                               and magnetic reconnection model)
14:10- Discussion (led by V. Archontis)

15:30- Excursion to Daitokuji (Tea Ceremony)

18:20- Conference Dinner

Oct 9 (Thu)

Session 5 Eruptions and Flares (Chair: E. Pariat)

09:00-09:45 T. Toeroek (Review of eruption modelings with emerging flux)
09:45-10:15 W. Manchester (3D simulations of flux emergence producing eruptions)
10:15-10:45 K. Kusano (Simulation Study of Flux Emergence as a Possible Trigger for Solar Flares)

10:45-11:10 Break

11:10-11:40 B. Schmieder (Evidence of magnetic helicity in emerging flux and associated flare) 
11:40-12:10 S. Gibson ("Forming tori: implications and origins of a "tethered spheromak" 
                                                 topology in solar eruptions) 

12:10-13:30  Lunch 

(Chair: V. Hansteen)
13:30-14:00 D. MacTaggard (Breakout from multiple flux emergence) 
14:00-14:30 V. Archontis (Flux emergence and eruptive events)
14:30-14:50 J. Okumura (Statistical study of coronal cavity observed by Yohkoh/SXT)
14:50-15:10  Break 
15:10-15:40 T. Yokoyama (MHD simulation of 3D reconnection)
15:40-16:10  M. Linton (Three Dimensional Reconnection of Colliding Magnetic Fields)
16:10-16:40 Discussion (led by T. Magara)
16:40-17:10 Summary talk and discussion by A. Hood

-- End of workshop --

*No separate session for posters but there will be a limited space to hang posters.  
Y. Iida (The vector magnetic fields and velocity structures at the cancellation sites)
S. Nozawa (3-D MHD Simulation of the Expanding Tube in Emerging Flux Region)
K. Takahashi (1. Similarity between the Molecular Loops in the Galactic Center
                           and the Solar Chromospheric Arch Filaments
                          2.Formaiton of Intense Flux TUbes by Convective Collapse in the
                          Emerging Flux Region)

Registered participants: 

Anan, T. (Kyoto)
Archontis, V. (St Andrews)
Brun, A. S. (CEA-Saclay)
Carlsson, M. (Oslo)
Chen N.-H. (NCU Taiwan)
Cheung, M. (LMSAL)
Fan, Y. (HAO)
Fukui, Y. (Nagoya)
Gibson, S. (HAO)
Hansteen, V. (Oslo)
Hillier, A. (Kyoto) 
Hood, A. (St. Andrews)
Ichimoto, K. (Kyoto)
Iida, Y. (Tokyo)
Ishii, T. T. (Kyoto)
Ishikawa, R. (NAOJ)
Isik, E. (MPS)
Isobe, H. (Kyoto)
Jeong, H. (Kyung Hee Univ) 
Jouve, L. (CEA-Saclay)
Kato, Y. (JAXA)
Kitai, R. (Kyoto)
Kudo, N. (Nagoya Univ.)
Kusano, K. (JAMSTEC)
Kurokawa, H. (Kyoto)
Linton, M. (NRL)
Lim, E.-K. (Seoul National Univ.) 
MacTaggart, D. (St. Andrews)
Magara, T. (NAOJ)
Manchester, W. (Michigan)
Martinez-Sykora, J. (Oslo)
Matsumoto, R. (Chiba)
Murray, M. (MSSL)
Nishida, K. (Kyoto)
Nishizuka, N. (Kyoto)
Nozawa, S. (Ibaraki)
Okamoto, T. J. (NAOJ)
Okumura, J. (Kyoto) 
Otsuji, K. (Kyoto)
Pariat, E. (NASA/GSFC)
Rempel, M. (HAO) 
Schmieder, B. (Paris Obs)
Shibata, K. (Kyoto)
Takahashi, K. (NAOJ)
Title, A. (Stanford/LMATC)
Toeroek, T. (Paris Obs)
Torii, K. (Nagoya) 
Yokoyama, T. (Tokyo)
Watanabe, H. (Kyoto)
Zhang, Y. (Kyoto)