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Kwasan Observatory
Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

Kwasan observatory
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Since the foundation in 1929, Kwasan Observatory has been contributing to the education and research in astronomy and astrophysics. A current emphasis is placed on the reserch of solar active phenomena, using observational data from the Hida Observatory, and astronimical satellites, such as Yohkoh, SOHO, and TRACE, etc. Another improtant activity of the Kwasan Observatory is the education of graduate and undergraduate students in astronomical observations and data analyses.

In the Kwasan Observatory, there are three large telescopes, namely: 45cm, refractor 18cm H-alpha solar imageing telescope and 70cm Coelostat Solar spectroscopic telescope in use.   data 1   data 2

From the upper left to right of the above picture, you can see a small dome building with the 18cm H-alpha Solar Imaging telescope, a small wooden House named as "Historical Museum", and the main dome building with the 45cm refraction telescope. The central buiding is used for the data analysis containing KIPS(Kwasan image processing system). The lower right building is "the Solar Laboratory" in which the 70cm Coelostat Solar Telescope is installed.

Obtain the Kwasan and Hida Observatory Pamphlet here.

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