Invited Reviews/Talks (Proceedings) Papers of Kazunari Shibata: 2005.3.20

  1. Shibata, K.,
    Numerical Simulations of Active Phenomena in the Solar Atmosphere (Invited Review), Small (681kB)
    in Proc. of the Japan-France Seminar on Solar Physics,
    eds. F. Moriyama and J. C. Henoux, Tokyo Astronomical Observatory (1981), 50-65.

  2. Shibata, K.,
    Theoretical Models of Solar Flares (Invited Review), Small (1049kB)
    in Proc. of "Flare Physics in Solar Activity Maximum 22",
    eds. Y. Uchida, R. Canfield, T. Watanabe, and E. Hiei, in the series of Lecture Note in Physics, No. 387, Springer Verlag (1991) 205-218.

  3. Shibata, K.,
    The Variable Structure of the X-ray Corona As Viewed by Yohkoh (Invited Review), Large (27293kB) Small (787kB)
    in Proc. IAU Colloq. No. 143,
    "The Sun as a Variable Star: Solar and Stellar Irradiance Variations",
    ed. J.M. Pap, C. Frohlich, H.S. Hudson & S.K. Solanki,
    Cambridge University Press, pp. 89-100 (1994).

  4. Shibata, K.,
    Coronal Dynamics and Flares: New Results from Yohkoh SXT
    - Evidence of Magnetic Reconnection and a Unified Model of Flares - (invited review), Large (14804kB) Small (1470kB)
    in Proc. of the 2nd SOLTIP Symposium,
    Watanabe, T. (ed.), STEP GBRSC NEWS, Vol. 5, Special Issue, June 1995, pp 85-96 (1995)

  5. Shibata, K.,
    New Observational Facts about Solar Flares from Yohkoh Studies
    - Evidence of Magnetic Reconnection and a Unified Model of Flares - (Invited Review), Large (5223kB) Small (818kB)
    Adv. Space Res., 17, (4/5)9-(4/5)18 (1996)

  6. Shibata, K.,
    Coronal X-ray Jets, (invited review), Large (10689kB) Small (572kB)
    in Proc. Solar Wind 8, D. Winterhalter, J. T. Gosling, S. R. Habbal, W. S. Kurth, and M. Neugebauer (eds.), AIP conf. ser. No. 382, AIP press, Woodbury, New York, pp. 18-23 (1996)

  7. Shibata, K.,
    Numerical Simulations of Solar and Astrophysical MHD Flows
    - Jets, Loops, and Flares - (invited review), Large (4128kB) Small (1672kB)
    in Solar and Astrophysical Magnetohydrodynamic Flows,
    K. C. Tsinganos (ed.), Kluwer Academic Pub., pp. 217-247 (1996)

  8. Shibata, K.,
    Dynamical Processes in the Solar Corona
    - X-ray Jets and X-ray Plasma Ejections from Compact Loop Flares - (invited talk), Large (3744kB) Small (510kB)
    in Proc. IAU Colloq. 153, Magnetodynamic Phenomena in the Solar Atmosphere - Prototypes of Stellar Magnetic Activity, Uchida, Y., Kosugi, T., Hudson, H. S. (eds.), pp. 13-20 (1996)

  9. Shibata, K.,
    The Active Corona Observed from Space: Jets and Transient Brightenings (invited review), Small (248kB)
    in IAU Reports on Astronomy, Vol. XXIIIA, I. Appenzeller (ed.), IAU, pp. 143-145 (1996)

  10. Shibata, K., Shimojo, M., Yokoyama, T., and Ohyama, M.,
    Theory and Observations of Jets (invited review), Large (15676kB) Small (856kB)
    in Proc. of Bath Conference on "Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Atmosphere",
    Bentley, R. D., Mariska, J. T., ASP conf. series Voll. 111., pp. 29-38 (1996)

  11. Shibata, K.,
    Role of Plasmoid Ejections in Solar Flare Energy Release (invited talk), Large (2198kB) Small (674kB)
    in Proc. of Solar Flares and Related Disturbances,
    E. Sagawa and M. Akioka (eds.), Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center, Communication Research Laboratory, pp. 36-43 (1997)

  12. Shibata, K.,
    Rapidly Variable Phenomena: Jets, Explosive Events, and Flares (invited review),
    Large (2850kB)
    in Proc. 5-th SOHO workshop, The Corona and Solar Wind near Minimum Activity, Oslo, Norway, 17-20 June 1997, (ESA SP-404) pp. 103-112. (1997)

  13. Shibata, K.,
    A Unified Model of Flares (invited talk), Small (545kB)
    in Proc. Observational Plasma Astrophysics: Five Years of Yohkoh and Beyond, Watanabe, T., Kosugi, T., and Sterling, A. C. (eds), Kluwer Adademic Publ, pp. 187-196 (1998)

  14. Shibata, K.,
    X-ray Jets and X-ray Plasmoids (invited talk), Large (13934kB) Small (1124kB)
    in Proc. Solar Jets and Coronal Plumes, (ESA SP-421) pp. 137-146. (1998)

  15. Shibata, K.,
    Theory of Flares and MHD Jets (invited talk), Small (276kB)
    in IAU Symp. No. 188, Hot Universe, pp. 9-12. (1998)

  16. Shibata, K., and Yokoyama, T.
    MHD Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection and Solar Flares (invited talk), Large (4912kB) Small (581kB)
    in Proc. Numerical Astrophysics 1998, eds. Miyama, S., Tomisaka, K., Hanawa, T., Kluwer, pp. 303-310. (1999)

  17. Shibata, K.,
    Solar Flares, Jets, and Magnetic Helicity (invited talk), Large (12580kB) Small (1097kB)
    in Magnetic Helicity in Space and Laboraotory Plasmas ,
    M. Brown, R. Canfield, A. Pevtsov (eds.), AGU Monograph 111, AGU, pp. 229-238. (1999)

  18. Shibata, K.,
    Reconnection Models of Flares (invited talk), Small (621kB)
    in Solar Physics with Radio Observations, Proc. Nobeyama Symposium 1998,
    T. S. Basitain, N. Gopalswamy, K. Shibasaki (eds.), NRO Reports No. 479, 381-389. (1999)

  19. Shibata, K., and Kudoh, T.,
    Formation and Collimation of Jets by Magnetic Forces (invited talk),
    Small (1262kB)
    in Star Formation 1999, Proceedings of Star Formation 1999,
    T. Nakamoto (ed.), Nobeyama Radio Observatory, p. 263-268. (1999)

  20. Shibata, K., Koide, S., Kudoh, T., Aoki, S.,
    Jets from Black Hole Magnetospheres (invited talk), Large (14795kB) Small (660kB)
    in Highly Energetic Physical Processes and Mechanisms for Emission from Astrophysical Plasmas, Proceedings of IAU Symposium 195,
    P. Martens (ed.), Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, p. 26 (2000)

  21. Shibata, K.,
    Plasmoid-Induced-Reconnection Model of Flares (invited talk), Small (252kB)
    in Explosive Phenomena in Solar and Space Plasmas, Proc. of the Yohkoh 8th Anniversary Symposium,
    T. Kosugi, T. Watanabe, and M. Shimojo (eds.), ISAS, 69-72 (2000)

  22. Shibata, K.,
    MHD Simulations of Jets from Magnetized Accretion Disk (invited talk),
    in Astrophysical Phenomena Revealed by Space VLBI, Large (853kB) Small (136kB)
    H. Hirabayashi, P. G. Edwards, and D. W. Murphy (eds.), ISAS, 29-30 (2000)

  23. Shibata, K.,
    Progress on Numerical Simulations of Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (invited talk),
    Small (959kB)
    in Proc. of IAU 8th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 289, S. Ikeuchi, J. Hearnshaw, and T. Hanawa (eds.), pp. 381-388 (2003)

  24. Shibata, K. and Aoki, S.,
    Flares, Jets, and Gamma Ray Bursts, (invited talk),
    small (767kB) in Proc. 1st Niels Bohr Summer Institute on Beaming and Jets in Gamma Ray Bursts, Ouyed (ed.), Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (NORDITA), pp.160-171 (2003)

  25. Sakurai, T., Shibata, K., Nakajima, H., and Kurokawa, H.,
    The Source of Energy and Disturbances Affecting the Earth (invited paper),
    in Advances in Solar-Terrestrial Physics, edited by H. Oya, TERRAPUB, Tokyo, pp. 1-100 (2004)

  26. Shibata, K.,
    Magnetic Reconnection in Solar and Astrophysical Plasmas (invited paper), Large (1.96MB)
    in Physics of Magnetic Reconnection in High-Temperature Plasmas, M. Ugai (ed.), Research Signpost, India, (2004) pp. 193-237

  27. Shibata, K.,
    Theories of Eruptive Flares (invited paper), small (196KB)
    in Proc. of IAU Sympo. No. 226, K. Dere, et al. (eds.), in press (2005)

  28. Shibata, K.,
    MHD Flares and Jets in the Sun, Stars, and Accretion Disks (invited paper), small (646KB)
    in Proc. of Magnetic Fields in Universe, E. Dalpino et al. (eds.), APS, in press (2005)

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