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* 2011 July: Japan-Peru: FMT Summer School and Data Analysis Workshop
was held at Hida Obs. and NAOJ in Japan.
[Home Page of the Workshop]

* 2010 November: 1st Latin American FMT Workshop (Astrophysics with FMT) was
held at Ica University in Peru.
[Home Page of the Workshop]

* 2010 June,October,November:
Training of Peruvian students and
young researchers at Ica University,

* 2010.03.20: Short training of observation with the FMT at the Solar Station in
Ica University, Peru.

* 2010.03.19: The opening ceremony of the Solar Station and the FMT was
held at Ica Univ., Peru. (*)
You can read newsletters about installation of the FMT and the opening ceremony
in the ISWI homepage.
PR Movie of "Estacion Solar de Ica (ESI)" made by IGP.

* 2010.03.13: The FMT arrived at the Solar Station in Ica University, Peru.
You can watch some movies of installation and adjustment of the FMT on YouTube.

* 2009.11.10: Dismantlement of the original FMT at Hida Obs. for the preparation
of transporting it to Peru.

* 2009.07.06-11: Study and training of Peruvian staff at Hida Obs.
Miss Martinez M. Lurdes M. (Ica Univ.) and Mr. Cabezas H. Denis P. (IGP)

* 2009.05.12: Construction of the "Solar Station" at Ica Univ. is progressing.
Main building & lodgment (front side)
Hangar for the spectroscope
9m tower for the 15cm refractor

* 2009.03.10: A Japanese famous newspaper (Mainichi-shinbun) reported on our project of the FMT for Peru and the great leader of Peruvian astronomy: Dr. M.Ishitsuka.
* 2008.06.30: Groundbreaking ceremony of "Solar Station" was held at National Ica Univ. in Peru. In this station, the FMT will be installed in 2009. Before this ceremony, the opening ceremony of international workshop in honor to Dr. M.Ishitsuka and the investiture of honorary doctorate for Dr. M.Ishitsuka were also held at Ica Univ.

* 2008.05.01-04: Inspections of possible sites for the FMT were performed in Algeria with supports by CRAAG. [Map of Algeria]
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