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1929 Oct. Kwasan Observatory was established
1941 Jul. The Ikomayama Solar Observatory was established.
1958 Apr. The Kwasan and Ikomayama Observatories were united under the faculty of Science, Kyoto University.
1961 "Taiyoh-kan" and 70cm Coelostat were built at Kwasan Obs.
1968 Nov. Hida Observatory was established. The 60cm reflector telescope was transported from Kwasan Observatory. Celebration of the opening.
1972 Mar. Ikomayama observatory closed.
1972 Aor The 65cm refractor telescope, dome and building were completed.
1979 May. The Domeless Solar Telescope was completed.
1979 Mar. The "New building" was completed at Kwasan Observatory.
1992 Mar. The Flare Monitoring Telescope was established at Hida Observatory.
1994 Mar. The housing of the Flare Telescope was completed at Kwasan Observatory
1996 Mar. The digital network was installed at Kwasan Observatory.
1997 Mar. The high-resolutional vector magnetograph was installed at the DST.
A spectrograph was installed at the focal plane of the 60cm reflector telescope at Hida observatory.
1998 Oct. Internet facilities were established at Hida observatory using optical fiber cables
A high performance data connection was enabled (384 Kbps)
1999 Mar. A new solar H alpha imaging system was installed in the 18cm refractor telescope at Kwasan Observatory.
1999 Nov. The internet connection at Kwasan observatory was upgraded from 128 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps
2000 Sep. The internet connection at Hida observatory was also upgraded to 1.5 Mbps.
2003 Mar. A new multi solar observational system was completed at Hida Observatory
2003 Oct. The Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope was completed at Hida observatory.
2003 Nov. The DST tower cooling system was renewed.
2006 Mar. The internet connection at Hida observatory was upgraded to 100 Mbps.
2007 May 3-D visualization system was installed in "Taiyoh-kan" at Kwasan Obs.
2007 Oct. 4-D theater room was completed in "Taiyoh-kan" at Kwasan Obs.