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Kwasan Observatory

_Top page of Kwasan Observatory
__+ Main Building. (9m Dome and the 45cm refractor Tele.)
__+ Annex. (5m dome and the 18cm refractor Tele.)
__+ New building
__+ "Taiyoh-kan" (70cm Coelostat)
__+ Museum

Hida Observatory

_Top page of Hida Observatory
__+ SMART (Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope)
__+ DST (Domeless Solar Telescope)
__+ FMT (Flare Monitoring Telescope) at Ica Univ. Peru
__+ 60cm Reflector Telescope
__+ 65cm Refractor Telescope

Okayama Observatory

_Top page of Okayama Observatory
__+ News on the completion of 3.8 m SEIMEI Telescope
__+ Website of SEIMEI Telescope