Kwasan and Hida Observatories, Graduate School of Schience,
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Pamphlet (Electric version)
PDF-file (for print-out): Kwasan_Hida_2005_en.pdf (15 MB)

Pamphlet of Okayama 3.8m New Telescope Plan
PDF-file (for print-out): Okayama_Pamph_en.pdf (2.2 MB)

Greeting-cards (Electric version)
2003 front, back

2004 front, back

2005 front, back

2006 front, back

2007 front, back, DST Ca II K Spectroheliogram movie

2008 front, back

2009 front, back

2010 front, back

2011 front, back

2012 front

2013 front, back

2014 front

2015 in side, out side

2016 in side, out side

2017 in side, out side

2018 front, in side, back, pdf

2019 in side, out side

2020 in side, out side

2020 in side, out side