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Our Field of Research

Our research fields are briefly described below.

  • Solar Physics => [Detailed information]

    High resolutional observations by the 60cm Domeless Solar Telescope and SMART are intensively carried out for investigation of the processes of energy storage, release, and transportation in the solar atmosphere. The main areas of interest are in atmospheric oscillations, the evolution of small-scale magnetic structures, coronal heating, and flares. These studies also underly investigations of stellar and galactic activity as well as the role of mangetised plasma in these activities. Coordinated observations and data analysis are also undertaken with domestic and overseas institutes, such as NASA, and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

  • Solar and Space Plasma Physics => [Detailed information]

    Using theoretical, numerical, and observational methods, we resolve the puzzles of highly explosive phenomena in space, especially magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) explosions and jets. Observational work deals with solar flare data, stellar flares, and variable stars. We use mainly X-ray data for this work. There are a variety of different objectives in our theoretical and numerical studies. For example, understanding active galactic nuclei (AGN), jets ejected from proto-stars, MHD processes in accretion disks, and gamma-ray bursts which are the so-called "deepest mystery in space".

  • Stellar Physics => [Detailed information]

    We study steller atmospheric structure and chemical composition, stellar active phenomena, stellar winds, cataclysmic variable stars, black holes, accretion disks, gamma-ray bursts ... space is full of mysteries. We investigate these topics using spectroscopic, imaging, and polarization observations using telescopes in Okayama and the Hawaii observatories of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. We also use the 60cm reflector of Hida Observatory.

These fields are closely related to other areas of astrophysical and astronomcal research.