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Instructions on the event list.

These lists are edited with an intension to promote co-analyses of solar eruptive phenomena observed with different instruments in different wavelengths.
If you want to study raw FMT image data, you can download them from "All Digital Raw Images Download Site". When you use the FMT data for your paper etc., it would be appreciated that you will inform us about the title etc.

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H.Kurokawa, K.Ishiura, G.Kimura, Y.Nakai, R.Kitai, Y.Funakoshi, and T.Shinkawa
"Observations of Solar H alpha Filament Disappearances with a New Solar Flare-Monitoring-Telescope at Hida Observatory"
J.Geomag.Geoelectr., 47, 1043-1052, 1995


This database also contributes to S-RAMP project, and the S-RAMP Database in Japan.

Makers of the list

M.Kadota, T.Yamasaki, Y.Nasuji, Y.Isoda, M.Kamobe, S.Tanuma, E.Kobayashi, A. Ibrahim and S.UeNo


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