Kwasan and Hida Observatories, Graduate School of Schience, Kyoto University Japanese Home page

Our policy: Renewal of the web pages.

We are preparing new web pages which will provides you with the comfortable browsing and acquiring your desired information. The Japanese translation into English is to be completed soon, and we are looking forward to seeing you online in the new pages soon.

The comfort with which we will provide you is ...

  • Satisfactory to get information.
    • Fruitful information on the facilities,
    • clearness of our social and research activities,
    • Fresh topics
  • Friendly to you browse ...
    • presence of the link-menu and the navigation,
    • fixed small width of the page,
    • simple link-structure.
  • Beautiful to see ...
    • Common format for all the pages,
    • Gentle colors for your eyes.

Until the completion of the new English pages, you can access to the old web pages (click here), as well.

Thank you.